A Well Designed And Well Placed Business Banner Can Bring You Business

A Well Designed And Well Placed Business Banner Can Bring You Business

Business banners are a must, even for smaller businesses.

download musicThey are an extremely cost effective method of reaching thousands of potential customers, they don't cost much, they are easily available, and they can be displayed in many different places. Doesn't that sound like a "win, win, win" situation to you?
When it comes to getting the best out of your business banners there are two very different aspects to think about:
The design of the banner. Is it going to attract your customers with the right message and the all important "call to action?" Does it have all of the information you need without becoming cluttered? Does it incorporate your business brand-logo, font, graphics, etc.-something to infiltrate the brain of your target audience and make them sit up and take notice?

The placement of the banner. This is another extremely important aspect when it comes to getting the best results from your business banners. It's a little bit like the marketing lists you use in direct mail-you need to target your own customer base in order to reap the most rewards for your efforts.
It's all about getting a great return on your investment. As already stated, business banners are an extremely affordable method of getting your business noticed, and they can offer a superb return on investment if used properly. Let's look at a few ideas for places where your business banners can attract the most attention.

Business Banners on Overpasses and Highways
A well placed banner on a well traveled highway, bridge, or overpass can really help your business to get noticed. Most bridges, overpasses, etc., are actually owned by counties, states, or municipalities, so you will have to get their permission before draping any business banners.

But, after a few telephone calls and a decent attitude you might just be granted the permission you seek. Do remember that you will have to check on any permits which may be required for placing your banner in a public place . . . it's also important that you don't impede any traffic.

Business Banners at Busy Intersections
Well traveled highways are a potential goldmine when it comes to capturing your target audience, so as well as draping your business banners over bridges, overpasses, etc., you may be able to place a banner at a busy intersection of one of your city's busiest routes.

The viewership largely depends upon where you live in terms of population and traffic numbers, but you could attract the attention of thousands, even tens of thousands of potential customers every day in some areas.

Keep an eye out for grassy areas where your business banners will be highly visible or try to work something out with the owner of a building with a large, accessible and visible wall space. You may have to pay to place your business banners in this type of location, but when you weigh the potential rewards it might certainly be worth it.

Remember, again, you will have to check on any permits that may be required for placing your banner in a public place . . . it's also important that you don't obstruct traffic.

Business Banners at Events
People flock to many different types of events for many different types of reasons, which is a great opportunity to display your business banners in front of a large number of potential customers. You can target your banner's message based on your information and knowledge about the types of people who attend each kind of event.
Different types of events may include the following:
Athletic eventsEvents for the performing artsMusic festivalsComedy festivalsFood festivalsConferencesSeminarsConcertsTrade shows and exhibitions You will have to pay the event organizers in order to advertise, but this may also help to improve your profile as some sort of sponsor of the event.

It's all about getting your business noticed by as many potential customers as possible.
Close to Your Competitors
If you're not afraid to start some sort of trade war with your competitors, this could be a highly lucrative location for your business banners. If you can negotiate a pitch outside their business premises, across the street, next door or somewhere else close by, it could prove advantageous for the success of your organization. Every time a customer visits their premises they'll see your sign and if they become dissatisfied with the service or products they receive, for any reason, who are they going to call?

You've got it! You'll be next on the list. If your business premises are in a quiet neighborhood and your competitors trade from a busy area with plenty of passing trade-downtown shopping districts for example-this can be a pretty lucrative location. Do be prepared for the potential backlash, though.

Pedestrian Areas
We've more or less got it covered when it comes to capturing the attention of potential customers as they drive by your signs along the highway, but what about the pedestrian areas where people have plenty of time to notice your business banners as they go about their daily lives.

You may have to pay a higher rate in order to install your signs in this type of area and be up against more competition, but, remember, it's all about return on investment. Paying a higher rate which reaps higher benefits is always good value for money.

Remember to design your business banners specifically for where they will be placed. Banners which will be placed a long distance from the audience need to have much larger lettering and something characteristic of your company so that they know who to call. Getting your business brand noticed, even for smaller, local type businesses is half the battle when it comes to building a successful business.

If your customers recognize your company thanks to a simple logo, tagline, or image, then you won't need to clutter your business banner with lots of text.

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